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I'm showing you all the places I go for inspiration on things like color, code, and photos, including which tools I love and use myself.

PLUS, I'm giving you links to places and people I trust for other information. Keep reading for a full list of what's included!

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*(Affiliate links are marked)

My Trello board includes:

Bill Due Dates

Add due dates to get reminders, create a checklist, even attach links to pages where you pay online. Edit it however you want!

Favorite Tools

A list of all my favorite online tools, and resources, and links that'll take you right to the source so you can use them too! (*Affiliate links are marked)

Favorite Courses

Interested in learning something new, but don't know where to go or how to start? Here's a roundup of my favorites, by ladies I trust.

Design & Website Resources

Some of my favorite resources for designing and website building on Squarespace. From code shops, to my favorite source for color inspiration.

Stock Photos

A roundup of my favorite sources for Stock Photos. Most of the sources in this list are FREE options, but my go-to sites for paid sources are there also!

Blogs & Podcasts

Lists and links to my favorite blogs and podcasts. Find and subscribe to them for tons of great advice, inspiration and motivation.

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